Shrimpex Agencies Limited

ImageShrimpex Agencies Limited is a registered Limited Company engaged in seafood buying agency business having long standing experience and reputation in the field of buying agency business. As buying agent the company perform the following for and on behalf of their principal
a)Select reputed and reliable packers.
b)Carry out regular pre-shipment inspection by the qualified Q.C. inspector.
c)Carry out surprise supervision of the day to day production of the packers form whom buying contract is made.
d)Make sure on time shipment.
e)Provide market information with regard to Bangladesh to our principals.
f)In short we are ever ready to take your worries and be your eyes and ears in the Country of origin.

At the moment we are looking for shrimp importers who wants to import frozen shrimp and sea food from Bangladesh.We can offer from HACCP implemented packers from Bangladesh.

The following products are exported from Bangladesh

1.Black Tiger Headless shellon (Block Frozen). Sizes from 8/12 to 41/50 Packing :6x4 LBS or 6x1.8 kg Per master carton.
2.Black Tiger headless Shellon IQF Sizes: 8/12 to 41/50
3.Black Tiger raw peeled and deveined tail-on or tail off IQF
4.Black Tiger cooked peeled and deveined tail on or tail off IQF
5.Black Tiger head-on semi-IQF Shrimps.
6.Black Tiger headless shellon Easy peel IQF

FRESH WATER SHRIMPS"Microbrachim Rosenbergii":

1.Fresh water headless shellon block frozen shrimp.
2.Fresh water headless shellon IQF.
3.Fresh water head-on with claw IQF.
4.Fresh water peeled and deveined tailon or tail off IQF.
5.Fresh water headless shellon EZ peel IQF.


1.Sea water brown HLSO(block frozen)
2.Sea water brown raw or cooked PD tail on or tail Off IQF.